The Lion King goes live-action, another toy brand turns into a movie, The Purge expands it's mythos, Harry Potter wanted web-shooters, a comic con expose reveals the truth - Billy & Mo cover this week's pop culture news you need to know!

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To Infinity And Beyond

Marvel & Disney are already planning the Marvel Cinematic Universe all the way through 2030. Who could be the next breakout superhero franchise over the next decade? Billy & Mo list some possible names, try their best to define Gremlins, beg fanboys to stop with the petitions, take an early look at CBS All Access, and more!

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Balance of Terror

The Toxic Avenger returns. The Predator returns. Stan Lee returns.. to blow sh** up! Wait, what? Billy & Mo talk the absurd new Stan Lee movie, provide absurd ideas for a Jurassic World sequel, and they question the absurd recent revelations about Darkwing Duck!

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Everyone Needs a Sidekick!

Before DC's All Access channel goes live for a day, Billy & Mo swim through the supposed leaked information about the future of the  DC Extended Universe. Rob Lowe as a villain? Too many character cameos in Justice League? Just how many hearts will Aquaman and his trusty companion break?

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Here Comes The Pain

The DC Extended Universe continues to bombard fans with ensemble movies! Billy & Mo discuss the upcoming Justice League Dark movie, debate the BBC's recent Top 100 Movies of the 21st Century, review Sausage Party, welcome a 1992 comic back to the mainstream, and more!

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The Undiscovered Country

CBS has released early information for their upcoming TV & app series Star Trek Discovery.. and Billy & Mo are not impressed! Listen as the two explain why, (finally) review Star Trek Beyond, talk DC fans ruining it for everyone, the odds of a Ghostbusters sequel, and oodles more.

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Will You Live For Me?

Billy returns to conSMASH! He & Mo pick up where they left off by giving their reviews of DC's latest offering, Suicide Squad. Did the filmmakers do justice to Harley Quinn? What makes this Joker different from other versions? When did Enchantress become master of the hula hoop???

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Judgment Day

Joined by Spanish of Game Fix Podcast, Mo Lightning takes the show to Columbus (OH) to recap the biggest stories coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, review both Batman: The Killing Joke and Ghostbusters, and he finally puts an end to months of searching by announcing his new cohost!

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