Rogue SMASH: A Star Wars Rebuttal
After receiving a lot of backlash for not liking Rogue One last week, Billy & Mo invite Alex Kessler, of the Masters of Modern podcast, onto the airways to defend the popular Star Wars movie. May the Force be with Alex!

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Be Careful Not To Choke On Your Convictions

Billy & Mo have seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.. and they're not impressed! What some are calling one of the best Star Wars films to date, our hosts find to be among the most disappointing. Details and spoilers inside.

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You Don't Need Superpowers To Be A Hero

There's another version of Jingle Bells/Batman Smells? Billy & Mo try wrapping their heads around this before talking about Hollywood's most overpaid actors, the next X-Movie, DC's superhero comedy on NBC, a mystery Marvel project, and more!

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- Space Fungus -

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost here, so Billy & Mo predict how the movie will end as well as the critic's/Rotten Tomatoes score, talk their declining enthusiasm for Star Trek Discovery, tell the truth about Deathstroke, review both Hacksaw Ridge and Allied, and much more!

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Gravy Should Be Considered a Beverage

What pop culture items of 2016 are you most thankful for? Billy & Mo reveal their lists of TV shows, Movies, Video Games, Toys and more that they couldn't have lived without this year!

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They call him "Baba Yaga."

Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox have begun working together. How long will this last? Billy & Mo speculate on the future, commend the new Deadpool 2 hire, remember the golden era of Image Comics, talk Star Wars fatigue, and much more!

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Pie is home. People always come home.

TV & Movies are bringing back a lot of former properties. Of the TV shows not yet revived, which ones should be? Billy & Mo debate this, hate the new movie trailer trend, question why every villain (even Negan) needs a tragic backstory, talk the rumors of a reset on the X-Men movie franchise, and more!

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Maybe, who am I to judge?

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Billy & Mo review and argue everything Marvel's Doctor Strange! Does a solid third act distract from messiness elsewhere? Is Benedict's sorcerer well-rounded enough to lead Marvel into Phase 4? Our two hosts don't see eye-to-eye (of Agamotto) about the answers..

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